Jean Stein's WEST OF EDEN In Bookstores Tuesday February 9th

Jean Stein's new book WEST OF EDEN: AN AMERICAN PLACE hits shelves today. Already rising on Amazon's Best Seller list, WEST OF EDEN has been touted as "One of the best books ever written about Hollywood" (Gaby Wood, the Telegraph

WEST OF EDEN is a vivid, addictive oral history of Hollywood and Los Angelese, capturing a mythic cast of characters: their triumphs and ambitions, as well as their desolation and grief. Jean Stein weaves together the personal recollections of an array of individuals to create and astonishing tapestry of a place like no other. 

"Now Stein delivers a calm Götterdämmerung that can be read as the fearsome annals of a haunted Hollywood, as well as an adroit response to John Steinbeck’s East of Eden (1952), earlier proof of California’s soft spot for fallen angels." - The New Statesman, David Thompson


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