Katy Simpson Smith's FREE MEN is Released to Glowing Reviews

Katy Simpson Smith's stunning second novel, FREE MEN, is out today from HarperCollins. From the author of the highly acclaimed The Story of Land and Sea comes a captivating novel, set in the late eighteenth-century American South, that follows a singular group of companions—an escaped slave, a white orphan, and a Creek Indian—who are being tracked down for murder.

"a brilliant, wild ride....not only does Smith step boldly into the terrain of the classics of the American canon, her novel feels like one of those classics. Smith has succeeded in writing a novel of American masculinity that deserves comparison with Cormac McCarthy, Jim Harrison and Herman Melville. The bar is set that high and the canvas stretched that broad. Beyond the enjoyment of the characters and story, half the pleasure in reading "Free Men" is the sensation that, as the pages turn, one is witnessing the development of a powerful — even major — career.” - The Jackson Clarion-Ledger

"…glimpses into a vanished but fully realized world, one which has completely engaged us by [the] novel's satisfying end" - The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Check out this full review from Lemuria Books in Jackson, MI here.