Mary Jo Bang's A DOLL FOR THROWING, Paul Yoon's THE MOUNTAIN, And Matthew Zapruder's WHY POETRY In Stores Today

Mary Jo Bang's new collection A DOLL FOR THROWING (Graywolf Press), Paul Yoon's new collection THE MOUNTAIN (Simon and Schuster), and Matthew Zapruder's new book WHY POETRY (Ecco) are out today. They've all been receiving fabulous early reviews:


"Bang’s impeccable collection reads as a “circular mirror of the social order,” reflecting the historicity of our current moment with wit, subtlety, and grace." - Publishers Weekly


“This is a genuine work of art, a shadowland of survivors that is tough and elegant and true. And beautiful.” – The Boston Globe


"I suspect he [Zapruder] is a terrific teacher. His readings of poems are subtle and convincing. I found myself thinking, “Gosh, I never saw that obvious thing in quite that way before,” many times during my reading, which is precisely what should happen when reading about literature: We are humbled by its operations on our own minds and the need for others to read with us.” - The New York Times Book Review