Christopher Bollen's THE DESTROYERS Hits Shelves Today

Christopher Bollen's new novel, THE DESTROYERS is out today from Harper. It's been getting some fantastic early reviews:

“Bollen manages to create a novel that is equal parts literary and thrilling. His beautiful sentences linger, and each of his characters have rich, complicated pasts that unfold over time… The novel ultimately offers a cinematic and insightful reflection on wealth and the horrendous things it can drive people to do, even to the ones they love.” — Publishers Weekly

“Beautiful people visiting glamorous places, being wicked enough to bring Patricia Highsmith to mind. It just isn’t summer without this kind of globe-trotting glamour to read about, especially when most of it is set in the Aegean. Bollen is stylish enough to know what sells… Escapism, as calculating as it gets.”  — Janet Maslin, New York Times

"The writing is sharp, languid, and lovely, and the first-person point of view is a narrowly focused beam that eventually grows to encompass the entirety of the island. Current events, including the plight of refugees and descriptions of terrorist acts, add depth and give the story a 'torn from the headlines' feel."  — Library Journal

A smart, sophisticated literary thriller. — Jay McInerney

Equal parts Graham Greene, Patricia Highsmith, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Destroyers is at once lyrical and suspenseful, thoughtful and riveting. — Garth Greenwell

Possessed of both cold-blooded electricity and a beguiling elegance, The Destroyers enfolds. A propulsive, hypnotic portrait of rot at paradise’s heart and of the sprawling, inescapable tendrils of class and avarice. — Sophie McManus

Check out the excerpt at LitHub here.