By Wendell Steavenson
Ecco, July 21, 2015

Wendell Steavenson, who had lived in the Middle East for more than a decade, watched on TV from Jerusalem as the crowds massed in Tunis and then in Cairo. She felt a tug in her gut. When editors called and asked if she’d fly there to cover the events, she did, of course, say yes. By turns memoir and reportage, travelogue and musing, Steavenson’s chronicle is a mosaic of the Egyptian Revolution from Mubarak’s fall to Morsi’s, made from the mortar of life that’s found between the news blocks.


About the Author

Wendell Steavenson, author of the acclaimed memoir Stories I Stole, has lived in and reported from post-Soviet Georgia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. Her work has appeared in the London ObserverThe New YorkerTime, and other publications. She lives in Paris.


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